Mentality shift - Chapter 02

Unlocking the door

August 2020 – the turning point, not some accidental spark but a calculated ignition. Greg Caplan, one of our advisors, threw down a challenge. 'Aim for something so audacious, it demands attention.' He wanted something brazen, bordering on delusional.

And boy, did he get it.

"One Million Jobs in Gaming"

People laughed. Called it a joke. The startup version of 'Aim for the stars.' I was uneasy with the boldness, but success only sharpened that edge. The fear of failure? It's there. You know what they say, the higher the climb, the steeper the fall. Well guess what assholes, I'm not looking down anymore.

In Metafy's early days, the selection process was simple. I told Dan, my friend and our first hire, "If the best in the game don't recognize our name, we've failed." This wasn't about popularity; it was about respect. We were in a fight to clean up a tarnished industry, thanks to Proguides and Gamersensei. The mission? No less than a complete transformation.

Our once scary rivals? The same ones that investors told us in our early days we had no chance against? On their last legs. It's about time to pen the next chapter of our story. A chapter where opportunity is not a privilege but a right.

Crossing the threshold

The creator economy, particularly in gaming, is full of barriers. The treasure is right there, but it's locked away, accessible only to a chosen few. We're here not just to take the gold but to change the game. To distribute to gaming communities in a way that's sustainable.

To pull that off, we're turning the lock, opening the platform to all, no more holding back. The comfort of exclusivity? Traded for the thrill of possibility.

The path to a million

When we started, curation was necessary. It set a standard, filtered the noise, and gave us control. But control comes at a cost. It limits reach, stifles creativity, and creates a bottleneck. That's not how you win; it's how you stagnate.

You want to change culture? Create a million jobs? You can't do it by handpicking a select few. You do it by opening the floodgates, by unleashing potential, by giving a platform to the unheard voices and untapped talents. We need to move from curation to creation, from exclusivity to inclusivity.

Opening the platform up to everyone isn't a risk; it's a necessity. It's not an option. it's the only way forward. If you're wondering how we pull this off without losing control, keep reading.

"I ain't reading all that. I'm happy for u tho. Or sorry that happened."

In a nutshell...

We're here to transform the industry, to open doors, to move from exclusivity to inclusivity. We're trading control for creativity, limits for possibility. We're not just here to win. We're here to change the game. We're unlocking doors, and we're inviting everyone in.

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Dec 18, 2023

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Apr 26, 2022
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