Mentality Shift - Chapter 03

Stealing Fire

We're planning a heist, and we've raised millions. No, tens of millions to pull it off. This isn't just any heist. There are no presidential masks, guns, or elaborate blueprints of bank vaults. I’m as close to a George Clooney assembling a team and unveiling a plan as it’s going to get, and for that, I’m sorry.

This is a heist of a more subtle, complex, and frankly, absurd nature. The kind of heist that can be, no, must be done wearing little else than a zoom-shirt and probably still fresh underwear. It's a heist of essence, of that intangible something of the giants that rule our digital world.

Stealing fire

In the annals of mythology, stealing fire from the gods is an act of audacity, rebellion, and cunning. It's Prometheus reaching into the heavens to take what was once the exclusive domain of deities and bringing it to humanity. Our strategy of going "wide, not deep" echoes this timeless tale. We're stealing fire, not just one flame but many, each representing a different essential piece of the ecosystem that will one day eclipse that platforms we fear today.

Our enemy is not a singular entity but a collective force, a status quo that has long ignored the communities they’ve been feeding on. We're here to take only what we can carry, only what matters most. Because in this heist of ours, we're not just stealing fire. We're redistributing it, reshaping it, reimagining it for communities that have been left in the cold.

It’s not without its risks. We’re bound to get burnt. We’ll at times reach too far, grasp too much, overextend ourselves to build things that may not work or find adoption. And that's okay. If it were easy to disrupt established order, we’d likely never have phrases like “established order” in the first place.

We’re a group of misfits attempting to create a world that's vibrant, inclusive, and unapologetically ours. Failure is an essential part of the process, so long as we don’t fail so greatly that it kills us.


If you're to believe Marc Andreessen, there are only two ways to make money in business: One is to bundle; the other is unbundle. We're bundling, taking the essence from other companies and fusing it into our core.

We're going wide, not deep.

Going wide means compromises. It means accepting that we will rarely have the depth of features they have. It means saying no, often to our power users. They inevitably request power-user features — features that increase the complexity of our product for everyone but only get used by a minority of users.

We're okay with making those compromises because our great strength isn't feature parity, it's distribution. It's the core of what we do, the way we reach the corners of the gaming world. This is the reason we brought an agency in-house, to focus on building and maintaining our distribution.

"In fact, the general model for successful tech companies, contrary to myth and legend, is that they become distribution-centric rather than product-centric. They become a distribution channel, so they can get to the world. And then they put many new products through that distribution channel.

One of the things that’s most frustrating for a startup is that it will sometimes have a better product but get beaten by a company that has a better distribution channel. In the history of the tech industry, that’s actually been a more common pattern. That has led to the rise of these giant companies over the last fifty, sixty, seventy years, like IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, and many others."

-Marc Andreesen

Making it seamless

Our heist isn't just about stealing essence. We then have to take the essence and build a world from it. An interconnected ecosystem where different services and experiences augment and enhance one another.

This includes:

Fiverr-like Marketplace: A bustling bazaar of gaming services.

Medium-like Writing Platform: Words and ideas with a gaming twist.

Patreon-like Support Model: Communities that are exclusive yet welcoming.

Facebook/Reddit-like Communities: Hubs of discussion, debate, and camaraderie.

Membership and Supporter Program: A life sustaining river of revenue that flows in many directions, benefiting the community, creators, and Metafy itself.

A pledge and a promise

Beyond growth strategy, beyond revenue models, beyond even the heist itself, Metafy's approach is a commitment. It's a pledge to create something vibrant, comprehensive, and a bit magical. It's a promise to not just build a platform but to create a place to call home.

"I ain't reading all that. I'm happy for u tho. Or sorry that happened."

To put it simply...

We're planning a heist, not of gold or jewels, but of essence. We're stealing fire from digital giants and reshaping it for the gaming community. It's risky, complex, and absurd, but it's ours. We're going wide, not deep, focusing on distribution and building an ecosystem that includes a marketplace, writing platform, support model, and more.

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Apr 26, 2022
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