Building Community - Chapter 01

Activity Feeds

We want to build a giant, underground rendezvous where the best conversations in gaming can happen, far away from the reek of social media’s turds. Activity feeds are our answer to that.

Think of feeds as your favorite bar in town. Regulars only (no outsiders). Nice but not pretentious. Good people. Great stories. Everybody knows everybody else’s name.

Before social media ruined the internet, communities like this weren’t all that uncommon. Places like Smashboards, GameFaqs and Newgrounds were where I found my people, my tribe. In a past life, Tom and I built a community like that for anime fans, used by millions.

We intend to beat our high score.

Facebook and Twitter are about as effective for finding your community as a jackhammer is in an archeological excavation. They’re designed for short, reactive jabs versus long, in-depth, extended discussions.

Reddit is better, but it’s clunky, each subreddit on island standing on it’s own. Oh, and they’ve completely lost the trust of their community.

A tale of two sites

Feeds are a strange amalgamation of Facebook and Reddit. I see that fucking look on your face, just stay with me on this one. Facebook was built for community. Their brand sucks with young, cool people like us, but their platform is good at connecting people. Really, freakishly, good. We're copying a lot of that shit.

Thing is, Facebook was designed for connecting you to your grandma. Or that uncle that says "hold my beer" unironically. Misfits like us though, we need places like Reddit. Places where we can say "This thing I do is a part of my identity" and find a screen full of strangers saying the same damn thing. Shared interest? It's more than that. It's a connection, a fire. You talk, you bond, you grow. Doesn't matter what you're discussing. That's real.

And yet, but still, Reddit is dog shit when it comes to the experience of actually socializing. Lucky us, but we can hardly blame them. It wasn't built for social. "Front page of the internet", a platform built for sharing links, not conversation. In fact, it's only in the last few years that the users of Reddit decided they'd use it how they damn well pleased. Asking to be insulted, among other things.

Reddit worked for community because their navigational structure made it easy to find your community. You like Smash? Guess what asshole, there's a subreddit for that full of weirdos just like you. Our structure emulates that of reddit, with each game serving as a place capable of sustaining an entire community.

We're mushing together the best bits of Facebook and Reddit to squish out something totally new. The community will come for the utility of the entertainment or educational value received from sessions and content - but they'll stay for the community they find once they're here.

New ecosystem, new economy

We’re investing heavily into creating our ecosystem at Metafy so that we can also create an economy that enables gaming communities to become genuinely self-sustaining. This obviously won’t happen overnight, but I do see a future where we're creating a million jobs in gaming.

That begins and ends with activity feeds.

What we're building is like a tree whose limbs stretch to every corner of the web. We'll be planting and nurturing that tree, even if every limb doesn’t put fruit in our pockets.

"I ain't reading all that. I'm happy for u tho. Or sorry that happened."

Cutting to the chase...

We're taking the best bits from Facebook and Reddit—the connection-building and community-specific structure—and we're making something new. We're not just creating a platform; we're crafting an ecosystem and an economy, aiming to make gaming communities genuinely self-sustaining and even job-creating. It all starts and ends with activity feeds.

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Jan 6, 2024

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Jan 15, 2023
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