clever little systems - Chapter 05


Masterclass spends a lot on ads. $6.5 million a month kind of a lot on ads. You'd think that's where most of their traffic comes from. You'd be wrong. They built their multi-billion dollar empire on the back of search. It's the source of 79% of the 13 million people that visit their platform monthly.

If any company has figured out how to exploit search, it's Masterclass, and we're going to steal their strategy. That's right, steal.

The modern strategy for SEO revolves around understanding the intent. Getting into their mindset. It's more than just information; it's a mission, an urgency. You're not just answering a question; you're fulfilling a desire, solving a problem, meeting a need. That's what search intent is all about. If we can understand and master it, you won't just connect with people. You'll win them over.

To optimize for this Masterclass creates articles that help users get things done with articles that provide them with the right information to do so.

Like, uh, French Kissing.

And they have 10,000+ articles doing this. Masterclass uses each article as an upsell to a specific course, taught by a specific instructor, centered around the topic that relates to the information they were looking for. This isn't lazy blog content, each article connects the right information to the right product.

Article Title: How to French Kiss: 6 French Kissing Techniques
Linked Course: Emily Morse teaches Sex and Communication

It goes without saying that I become an expert communicator in the process of writing this. Anyway, let's review.

1. The users searched for specific information.
2. They clicked a specific course because of it.
3. This journey just took a consumer from problem-aware to product-aware.
4. Masterclass retargets each individual literally everywhere with specific creative related to the course they showed initial interest in.

Enslaving our robot overlords

You know where this is going. We're gonna embrace evil and generate AI-authored articles addressing popular search queries related to its offerings. For instance, an article on "Kirby combos" would provide information and tips about executing these combos. We'll then use it as an opportunity to nudge them towards sessions, videos, articles and discussion around that game or character.

I'm aware that the content generated is going to be pig slop. We're not going to hide that, in fact, we're going to call attention to it. We'll beat the clickbait content farms at their own game. In doing so, we'll ensure the communities are the ones benefitting directly, not some holding company.

It's an organic traffic play, and a brand play. Those dumb robots won't know we're making laughing stocks out of them, not until they become self-aware at least.

"I ain't reading all that. I'm happy for u tho. Or sorry that happened."

Putting it all together...

Masterclass might spend millions on ads, but it's their mastery of search that's built their empire. We're taking a page from their playbook, but with a Metafy twist. We're diving into the user's mindset, understanding their desires, and then serving them with AI-generated content that's more than just information—it's a solution.

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Jan 15, 2023
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