The beating heart - Chapter 02


Content is just downright better on Metafy because the community is incentivized to create great content. Why? Because we’re cutting the community in. Paying them the lion's share of every dime we make. And because of our membership subscription and revenue from sessions, we don't need to sell their data or hammer them with ads.

When you don’t screw your users, you can create a community and ecosystem where everybody wins. Imagine that.

A platform, not a media company

Producing our own content didn't work, not because people didn't love the content, but because we were losing too much money with each release. We had a thesis that content would drive sessions and memberships, and in some cases it did, but the delta between what it cost and how long it'd take us to pay it back was too great. That piece didn't work out, but it set the foundation for the future of our content platform.

Rather than manually producing or overseeing the production and upload of every piece of content on Metafy, we're putting the keys in the hands of the community. Even the sweaty gamers. Especially the sweaty gamers. They're better arbiters of taste than we'll ever be so we'll enable them to publish their content on Metafy as easily as they do on platforms like Youtube and Medium.

Content on Metafy takes many forms but can be most easily categorized into free and paywalled Videos and Articles. The decision of free or paid is entirely up to the creator. If they're members only, they can monetize them through supporters and royalty payments. If they're free, they help build their audience and drive their session business.

A place for friends

The activity feed gives us a chance to get the entire community involved. When you start a discussion on content, we surface that discussion, and the content you're having it on in the activity feed. This enables even small, intimate communities to feel lively and entertaining.

Feeds will help in surfacing things like content being watched and read by people you follow, and spotlighting comments on content from the people you're following to entice you into checking it out. This can be a powerful motivator for encouraging an upsell into memberships to access paywalled videos and articles. Our community backbone enables a closeness you won't find easily on platforms like Youtube or Medium.

"I ain't reading all that. I'm happy for u tho. Or sorry that happened."

The gist of it is...

We're redefining content by giving the power back to the community. We're a platform that incentivizes our users to create amazing content by giving them the lion's share of the revenue. We're done with producing our own content; now we're putting the keys in the hands of the community—especially the passionate gamers. They know what's best, and they can create and monetize their content their way, just like on YouTube or Medium, but with more intimacy and engagement.

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Jan 6, 2024

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Jan 15, 2023
Test Tag #3


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