Clever little systems - Chapter 03


Life is full of hierarchies, isn't it? From the schoolyard to the boardroom, we're always climbing, always reaching, always yearning for something more. Our ranking system understands that hunger, that ambition, that relentless drive to ascend. It's more than just a feature. It's a virtual ladder that reflects our real-world desires, our ambitions, our dreams.

Whew, what an opening paragraph. Deep, introspective.
I hope you're as moved reading it as I felt writing it.

In reality, it's an evolution of the Top Mentor title we've handed out each month to our top performing experts. With the introduction of more ranks than one, everyone can join in on the fun.

Controlling the chaos

Coaching has always been open to everyone, Metafy was more of a curated, exclusive access kind of thing. If Twitter and Reddit were your favorite local dives, we were the speakeasy in the back, behind the bookcase, where you have to pull a copy of Ernest Hemingway’s Green Hills of Africa to gain access.

That's all going to change. We're opening the platform up. Anyone can do anything here. Well, not gross stuff. But anything else. Sessions, videos, articles and more. The ranking system does more than give our community a challenge, it helps to maintain order. This year, every user will be able to participate in this system, not just what we define is Partners today.

Achievement tracks

Our rank system is built on four cornerstones, each doling out Experience Points (XP) as a nod to active participation and quality input. As a users rank improves on a given track, so too does how they're surfaced on the platform and the perks they receive.

1.Sessions: Earn XP for each session, with a cherry on top for session summaries and rebookings.

2.Articles: Gather XP based on how well your articles perform, with a windfall for trending pieces.

3.Videos: Same deal as articles, XP gains align with video popularity.

4.Community: Reap XP for engaging posts, and if your post goes viral, expect a bonus.Adding a little extra sizzle, we've got our "Potion System"—the Metafy equivalent of Reddit Gold—a generous dollop of bonus XP, handed out by users themselves.

Reward tracks

The achievement track isn't just about getting to the highest rank possible. it's also about unlocking new Potion bottles after various XP thresholds. Don't worry we'll talk about what the hell Potions are in the next section. Just know that as you rank up, you'll unlock them. In time, some users will only want to rank up for the rewards.

A never-ending climb

Just like our current Top Mentor system, the beauty of our new ranking system is that it never really ends. Similar to games with ladder systems, each season brings with it a reset of rankings, keeping the community on an even playing field with new Potion bottles dropping at the start of the season to encourage participation in the key places our communities spend and earn money.

"I ain't reading all that. I'm happy for u tho. Or sorry that happened."

In plain English...

It's more than gamification—it's a way to engage, achieve, and even control the chaos as we open our doors to the entire gaming community. It's a crucial step in making Metafy feel like something you're a part of, not just something you've heard about. Any user can rank up on the track for Sessions, Videos, Articles or Community.

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Jan 6, 2024

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Jan 15, 2023
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