Mentality shift - chapter 1

Elephants, not unicorns

Metafy didn't just crawl out of a pandemic-induced chrysalis—it was shoved out, caught on the updraft of a world going to hell in a hand basket. Tom, Wesley, and I, had been thinking about Metafy long before people started hoarding toilet paper, but it took a global shit-show to set the stage for our grand entrance.

We aimed higher than just another coaching platform. We envisioned an ecosystem alive with energy and passion, the lifeblood of countless communities. That Disney synergy map framed on my wall isn't a decoration. It's a battle plan. We've always known our destination, but the path was filled with a pants-shitting degree of uncertainty. All we knew in the beginning was that it started with coaching, content, and a whole lot of chutzpah.

With ~$30M in funding, we charged into 2022 feeling invincible. We faced setbacks, brutal and humbling. Our assumptions? Shattered. But we made the right calls, and we're still here, standing tall among the wreckage of fallen startups. The challenges? Endless. But the reward? The love and loyalty of those we serve. Our mission remains: change culture, create a million jobs in gaming, and keep our soul while we do it.

Enter the elephant

Just when you think you've got a handle on all the jargon - along come the elephants. In a beautifully written article, VC Erica Wengar paints a vidid picture of the evolving startup landscape. Startups with members, not customers. Companies that build communities. And guess what? She's describing Metafy.

Two seismic shifts are driving this evolution.

The democratization of company creation. Today, anyone can start a business, but the art lies in keeping customers. It's about building a community people want to join and stay in. That's Metafy. A platform that celebrates creators, values them, and rewards them.

We're in the throes of a loneliness epidemic. People are moving away from impersonal institutions, craving connection and belonging. Remote work is the norm, and everyone seeks a touch of humanity. That's the atmosphere at Metafy. A place for creators and consumers to connect, to belong.

The days of unicorns are fading. Growth at any price is old news, and the market's pausing for breath. We're not looking for product-market fit; we're sparking a revolution. Starting a movement.

We're the unavoidable truth in the room—bold, undeniable. More than just a tech company, we're a team driven by purpose, community, and the journey ahead. We're here to change the culture.

Welcome to the year of the elephant.

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Dec 18, 2023

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Apr 26, 2022
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