clever little systems - Chapter 04


"Greetings, traveler. You've set foot into my domain, a realm of potions that teem with power unspeakable, a power that would set even the mightiest of dragons aflame with envy. My potions are no trifling concoctions; they are the embodiment of strength, a testament to the potent magic that I, the Potion Seller, command.

You seek my strongest potions, you say? Ah, the audacity of youth! My strongest potions are not meant for you, not yet. They are a privilege earned, not given. A prize for those who've faced my trials and emerged victorious.

You must prove your worth, show that you are not just another wanderer. Only then, will you be deemed worthy of my strongest potions. Until then, traveler, I advise you to seek the weaker potions."

A potion for your thoughts

You know, I've always had a thing for potions. Maybe it's the allure of transformation, the promise of something new, something better.

Or maybe it's just the bubbles.

The potion system on Metafy is forms the foundation of the reward system connected intrinsically to Ranking. Each potion is a canvas for self-expression, a unique reflection of your journey on Metafy. And it's not just about finding, it's also about creating. The components are obtained through various platform interactions, such as participation in events, reaching new tiers, or being an active community member.

The thrill of the chase isn't just for the getting, it's also for the giving. Each user can create and customize their potion, which is represented as a bottle filled with unique components. These components are obtained through various platform interactions, such as participation in events, reaching new tiers, or being an active community member.


These bottles you receive, though, they're not for disassembling. They're trophies, badges of honor, to be displayed proudly in a dedicated potion gallery on your profile. It's like a 'greatest hits' album of your Metafy journey, showcasing all of the things you've done that the community has considered potion-worthy.

Oh, and the cherry on top: receiving a potion bottle isn't just an honor, it's also a boost. Think of it as an experience potion, adding a little oomph to your current level on your given ranking track.

Stained glass

The potion system is like a vibrant tapestry, weaving together the many threads of the platform —sessions, videos, articles, and community. Each aspect of Metafy's ecosystem has its unique set of potion bottles, spread across various tiers. There will be additional "limited" bottles for community milestones, holidays, and more.

Imagine being a new user, and receiving a decked-out bottle from a community veteran. It's like being handed a key to a secret society, a nod from the inner circle, an acknowledgement that says, 'You're one of us now.' It's a thrilling rush, a warm welcome, a token of recognition that makes you feel seen, appreciated, and part of something bigger. It's akin to receiving Reddit Gold, a gesture that not only validates your contribution but also strengthens your bond with the community.

Potions are the carrot at the end of our proverbial stick. A means in which to incentivize the community to do all of the things we need them to do to keep a good thing going. Oh, and they're fucking fun.

"I ain't reading all that. I'm happy for u tho. Or sorry that happened."

To keep it brief...

Potions are Metafy's way of turning your journey into something you can hold, something that tells your story. You'll create and fill these potion bottles with the parts of Metafy you've explored, like badges of honor. And these aren't just for show—they'll give you a ranking boost. More than that, they're a way to connect with the community.

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Jan 6, 2024

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Jan 15, 2023
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