Building community - Chapter 02

Global Profiles

Do you remember your very first school locker? It was a place that protected your favorite belongings. Your Magic Rub Eraser. Your holographic Charizard Card. Your favorite snacks.

Profiles are magical places inspired by your very first locker. It’s a place for all your things. It’s a place where you can be completely and authentically yourself. It’s a place where you can make a little bit of extra money along your gaming journey. Available to everyone in our community, your Profile is a beautiful customizable page that grants other players a peek inside your world.

We want Metafy to be a “destination” for gamers where they can share their achievements, grow their audience and maybe, just maybe, make a living doing it. The next iteration of profiles opens the platform up so that everyone and anyone can have their own profile page, decked out with user-customizable widgets we fondly call "blocks". Except for nazis. They don't get profiles.

The future of profiles is about giving you the flexibility to do it your way, including the making money part.


Blocks are happy little creatures. They’re kind of like Hobbits but with a lot less toe hair. Or toes in general, actually. They’re capable of holding and protecting a piece of your universe within them. Because of the tireless efforts, sleepless nights and selfless sacrifices of these sweet, tiny chubs, Profiles are endlessly customizable. Links, images, gifs, videos… nothing is off limits. You can drag ‘em, smash ‘em, stretch ‘em and squish ‘em to build your dream Profile

Blocks are here to serve you. That’s why we made them. They’re kind of like Dobby the House-elf in Harry Potter but without all the crushing guilt. There are blocks for images, videos, coaching, content, your gaming achievements. Go fucking nuts. It’s your Profile. You can do whatever you want.  


Don't panic. For many users, the profile is their store front, a place in which all that they offer is on full display - clear as crystal. That's not going anywhere, it'll live in a new section of the profile called, you guessed it, "Sessions", Blocks are there to surface the things you really want to shove in someone's face. The sessions tab is there for the kitchen sink.

Your Personal Feed

On your profile exists your personal feed, charting everything from significant milestones to everyday happenings. Posts shown on your personal feed can range from shared content, status updates, photos, and videos, to interactions with other users and communities. The profile feed operates on the principle of user-centric design. It is an individualized, algorithmically-driven space, which adapts to the user's behavior.

You've seen Facebook, and Twitter and Reddit. You get it.

"I ain't reading all that. I'm happy for u tho. Or sorry that happened."

In a nutshell..."

We're transforming Metafy into a home for gaming communities of all shapes and sizes. Where you can show off your skills, build a fanbase, and even earn a living. You can create your own profile page, decked out with customizable 'blocks', which are like little helpers for your page. Everything from images to achievements, you name it, they've got you covered.

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Jan 6, 2024

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Jan 15, 2023
Test Tag #3


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