Clever little systems - Chapter 01


Think of Metafy as a bustling metropolis, every game a unique, vibrant neighborhood. Think Reddit, a constellation of subreddits, each with its peculiar personality and idiosyncrasies, humming like a dynamo, every second of every day. Our humble platform is cut from the same cloth - each game a distinct district, a hive of activity, just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Now imagine you're relaxing in one neighborhood, and suddenly, you need to leg it to the other end of town. Hell of an inconvenience, isn't it? No one's got the time to hunt for some obscure gateway or magical portal to hop communities. That's what our navigation feels like right now, a treasure hunt you didn't sign up for. And that's where Navigation X sashays in to save the day.

(It should be made clear that it was named Navigation X before Elon penned his personal love letter to the... letter.)

One swift click, and voilà! You're right in the heart of the next hot spot. It's your golden ticket to a Metafy where communities are as easy to flick through as discord servers, crafting a more kinetic, more explorative experience for all. When every community is a click away, Metafy's not just a platform, it's an experience!

The Dashboard

Navigation X further strengthens user engagement and connectivity through the introduction of the "Metafy" section—a centralized home page for logged-in users. This section aggregates activity across all the communities a user is a part of, providing a comprehensive overview of their gaming journey. By consolidating updates, discussions, and coaching sessions from various communities, the Metafy home page becomes a hub for personalized gaming experiences. Users can effortlessly stay up-to-date on the latest happenings, book coaching sessions, and discover new opportunities within their gaming ecosystem.

The "Metafy" section, the beating heart of our city, surfaces upcoming coaching sessions and allows users to delve into coaching opportunities across the spectrum of game communities. It's a seamless, well-oiled machine that enables gamers to level up their abilities and connect with coaches who vibe with their gaming preferences.

As we open up the platform, the distinction between a player and a partner becomes considerably more subtle. The urge to make the first page people land on a robust dashboard will be there, but that temptation is a siren song. Our job is to design for the majority. The majority of coaches on our platform today have had 1 or less sessions in total. The majority of students on our platform have had one or less total sessions. It would be foolish for us to believe that the best way to create daily behavior within our ecosystem is by dropping them on a dashboard and tucking our community off to the side like a corporation slapping a message board in place.

And we mustn't bury the session experience, that's the bread and butter of how we earn our keep today and how the experts in the communities we serve make their moolah. The interconnectedness here is key. Technically speaking, we're in the business of distribution. The aggregate feed is our conduit, pushing goodies down the distribution channel. It's our firehose, gushing with articles, videos, events, and chatter from communities you're part of, as well as the global Metafy chit-chat that isn't tied to any specific game or collection.

Toasts and alerts

Our navigation frames the communities and experiences within it, much like a browser does for the internet. Notifications, they're part of our navigation, and they're our trusty little messengers, luring users back into the communities they've previously dipped their toes in. They're toasts and alerts that make the platform feel vibrant, deeply interwoven, and buzzing with life.

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Jan 6, 2024

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Jan 15, 2023
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